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At the crossroads of Conundrum and Juxtaposition,
House of Waxing Blue tells the stories of
Generation X that others won't. 
Image by Bosco Shots
Discredited: A Stalking Survivor's Story
Derailed Magazine Article - Discredited: A Stalking Survivor's Story
The Mona Lisa's Thief: Political Hero?
The Mona Lisa's Thief - Derailed Magazine
Review of Sumeru's Blood Ordinance
Sumeru Review on Metal Temple
Punks Giving, Inc: Punks Doing It Right
Punks Giving, Inc. for Derailed Magazine
Review of Hands of Attrition's Colder Places
Hands of Attrition - Colder Places Review
Anthonette Cayedito: The Knock at the Door
Anthonette Cayedito - Derailed Magazine
Review of Utbyrd's Varskrik
Utbyrd - Varskrik Review on Metal Temple
The Exile of the Acadians
Acadian Exile - Derailed Magazine
Jean Spangler: Murder Victim or Missing?
Jean Spangler - Derailed Magazine
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"Speak your mind, but ride a very fast horse."

Writer and Poet - John Wain

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